Tapas in Teesdale - A touch of Spain in the English countryside
Spanish Buffets

Bespoke Menus available from £18 per person (fully catered)

Here is just a selection of available dishes to give you an idea. 

Minimum 10 people

Delivery only or fully catered

* Please contact us if you have any special dietary requirements
  Gluten-free dishes available

Group A: Bocaditos 
(Finger Canapes and Nibbles)
Surtido de Montaditos
A selection of cold Spanish canapes
Tabla Embutidos
Spanish cold meats board and crusty bread
Tabla de Queso
Cheese board with fruit, chutneys and crackers
Group B: Paellas y Arroces 
(Paellas and Rice Dishes)
Paella de Verduras
Large traditional Spanish paella with Mediterranean vegetables

Paella de Pollo y Cerdo
Large traditional Spanish paella with chicken and pork

Paella de Mariscos
Large traditional Spanish seafood paella
Arroz Citrico
A light, fragrant rice flavoured with lemon, lime, thyme, rosemary, edible flowers and almond flakes
Arroz de Tomate 
A light rice flavoured with sundried tomato, basil, oregano, lemon, edible flowers and almond flakes
Group C: Carnes, Pescados y Vegetariano 
(Meat, Fish and Vegetarian)
Carnes en Salsa (you choose which meat you would like)
Braised pork, braised chicken breast, Quorn chicken, Spanish meatballs or vegetarian meatballs
Served with:
o   Salsa Chilindron
    A spicy tomato and paprika sauce with mixed beans

o   Salsa la Pimienta
    A creamy peppercorn and mushroom sauce

o   Salsa de Tomate
    An aromatic tomato sauce with mixed peppers

o   Salsa Rioja
    An aromatic Rioja red wine sauce with mixed peppers
Brochetas de Chorizo y Gambas
Small skewers of spicy marinated prawns and chorizo (braised in 
white wine)
Chorizo y Salchichas al Vino
Chorizo and sausages braised in white wine
Mejillones con Salsa Blanca
Mussels cooked in wine white sauce
Group D: Ensaladas 
(Dressed Salads)
Ensaladilla Rusa
A traditional Spanish potato salad with tuna
Ensalada de Queso Feta y Sandia
A feta cheese and watermelon salad
Ensalada Verde
Baby leaf salad with red onions, mixed peppers and olives

Salpicon de Mariscos
A traditional seafood salad

Ensalada de Arroz con Pollo
A traditional rice salad with chicken
Ensalada de Pasta con Atun
A traditional pasta salad with tuna
Group E: Platos Acompañates 
(Accompanying Dishes)
Tortilla de Patatas
Spanish omelette with potatoes and caramelised onion

Patatas Bravas
Small potato chunks with a spicy “bravas” tomato sauce
Patatas del Pueblo
French fries with mixed peppers and onion, and grated Parmesan cheese
Patatas Alioli
Small potato chunks with “alioli” garlic sauce
Aceitunas Marinadas
Home-marinated olives
Queso Marinado
Home-marinated cheese

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